I wrote a

Well, I should say my brother David and I wrote a book! My dream was to write, and when David shared the idea of this book, I didn't think twice. 

David and I have lived and travelled  all around the world, and met the most interesting people. In listening to their stories, we gained a deeper understanding into their world, their pains and joys, and their beliefs

And that's what the book is about. The beliefs of the people we met along the way, how they live and what their questions are. It's not a book with easy answers, but an honest book, that will take you on a journey around the religions of the world. A quest for God, or no god. 

I think you'll like it!
Our book has been published in Holland, where it received many good reviews. We are currently working on the English version.

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Other Books

I'm also working on a coffee table book.
A collection of truths and thoughts.
Another book in wording is about marriage. Mr S and I will be celebrating
our 25th anniversary next year! I'm no expert -allthough I tell Mr S I am.
In this book I share my ups and downs, the mistakes I made and the lessons learned.
A Divine Lovestory,
and how I tried to ruin it. 

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