1. Dutch Apple Pie
    14 Feb, 2017
    Dutch Apple Pie
    A Dutch Apple Pie is nothing more than a happy gathering of simple ingredients and flavors. But o, when they do come together, it's so very delicious. It's my favorite dessert of all times. The Dutch don't eat appeltaart with ice-cream, but with a dollop of freshly whipped cream. O, so good!  My son Romeo has made appeltaart a few years in a row on my birthday. He's sweet like that, and a good cook. But before you start o-ing and ah-ing, I actually think he forgets my birthday and comes up
  2. Homemade Granola
    15 Dec, 2016
    Homemade Granola
    so very, very good!
  3. Fancy Brie Fondue
    23 Nov, 2016
    Fancy Brie Fondue
    in 15 minutes
  4. Homemade Dog Food
    06 Nov, 2016
    Homemade Dog Food
    Made by You!
  5. Black Bean Soup
    25 Aug, 2016
    Black Bean Soup
    in a hurry
  6. Good Food is for Dancing
    18 Aug, 2016
    Good Food is for Dancing
    I have a new habit.
  7. Color Cravings
    15 Jun, 2016
    Color Cravings
    one rule for healthier meals

Dinnerella is known for her smart and healthy mealplans and has been a trusted source for many busy bees to get dinner at the table.

The new Dinnerella is a blog. About heatlhy food, teenagers, empowering women, decorating, God, books, and much more. A blog on finding beauty and truth in a perpetual chaotic work, as Ruth Schleppi-Verboom (the founder of Dinnerella) put it.  

However, we still believe in a good game plan to win the race, and will bring our mealplans back real, real soon!

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